Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can't find my notice, what went wrong?
A: Is the notice less than 48 hours old? If so, it may not be entered into the company or agency database yet. Please try again later.

Have your formatted your request properly? Due to the nature of trying to match specific data in a large database it is important that the format of the data match. Please follow the masking requirements as shown next to each field EXACTLY.

Q: I don't think I deserve the notice, who should I contact?
A: You will need to contact the parking company or municipality that issued the notice. Their name and contact information should be printed on the notice. If you don't have the printed notice, you can usually find this information on signs at the location where you received your notice. is only the online software for processing secure transactions. We do not have anything to do issuing the notices. Only the parking company or municipality that issued the notice can reduce or void the notice, if it was issued by mistake.

Q: Is my credit card transaction secure?
A: is secured using industry standard SSL encryption. Your encrypted card information is passed along to each individual parking company's or agency's credit card processor for final billing. works as the middle man for each transaction and at no time has access to your credit card information.

Q: When will I hear back about my dispute?
A: After a dispute is submitted it will be forwarded to the appropriate parking company or agency for processing. You will be notified by the appropriate parking company or agency when a dispute determination is made. This process will typically be within a week or two, but may take as long as a month. If you have not received a response within a month, we recommend you contact the parking company or agency directly. Please remember to keep a copy of your Dispute Submission Verification for your records. If a dispute is properly submitted, your account will be on hold until such time as a determination is made.

Q: I can't find an email address or link to send my payment or dispute to. What do I do?
A: is designed as an interactive Web page that interfaces with the parking company's or agency's database. As such, you will need to "find your notice" as your first step. After you find your notice you will be able to complete a form that will transmit the information to the parking company's or agency's database.